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Types of Dentures

Complete Dentures

In the world of dental prosthetics, complete dentures are an ideal solution for individuals who have lost all their teeth or require complete tooth extraction. These custom-made replacements are designed to fit securely on the gums and provide a functional, natural-looking smile. Complete dentures come in two types: Full/Upper Dentures and Lower Dentures. Complete or upper dentures replace an entire set of missing teeth on the upper jaw. 
On the other hand, lower dentures are specifically designed to accommodate the contours and unique anatomy of the lower jaw. Lower dentures require additional support due to the natural movement of the jaw and potential displacement during processes like eating, speaking, or laughing.

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures may be the better option for those missing just a few teeth. These dentures consist of replacement teeth attached to a gum-colored base, then held by a customized metal framework that fits comfortably on the surrounding teeth. One of the critical benefits of partial dentures is that they help prevent the remaining natural teeth from shifting position, ultimately preserving the overall structure of the mouth and providing better functionality in speaking and chewing.

Partial dentures are typically made using materials like acrylic, metal, or flexible thermoplastics. The choice of material depends on various factors such as cost, durability, and individual preferences.

Implant-Supported Dentures

Implant-supported dentures are becoming popular for people who want a more secure and natural fit. Through dental implants anchored into the jawbone, these dentures connect directly to the implant, ensuring a solid foundation and stability. Some advantages of implant-supported dentures include better overall comfort, improved jawbone health, and a reduced risk of denture movement.
The dental implant process typically involves multiple steps and appointments, including implant placement, a healing period for the bone to integrate with the implant, and the final attachment of the dentures. However, it’s crucial to remember that not everyone is a candidate for dental implants, so consulting with a dental professional is essential before making any decisions.

Temporary or Immediate Dentures

Temporary or immediate dentures are provided right after tooth extraction, allowing for a more seamless transition while allowing the gums and jawbone to heal. These dentures are custom-made before the extraction procedure, ensuring that patients can leave their dental appointment with a complete smile.

Permanent or Conventional Dentures

Once the gums and jawbone have healed from any extractions, it’s time for permanent or conventional dentures to be fitted. These dentures are more tailored to the patient’s mouth after healing, resulting in a more comfortable fit and increased confidence.

Dental Implants in Los Angeles

Dental implants might be the solution if dentures aren’t the right choice for some individuals. Dental implants are long-lasting, secure, natural-looking tooth replacements surgically placed into the jawbone. These implants provide a strong foundation for fixed or removable tooth replacements, such as crowns, bridges, or dentures. 
While dental implants may be more expensive and involve a more extensive treatment process than dentures, they hold several advantages, such as stimulating jawbone growth, improving facial appearance, and having a better overall success rate. Like implant-supported dentures, it’s essential to consult with a dental professional to determine whether dental implants are suitable for individual circumstances.
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Denture Services Providers in Los Angeles

Denture Specialists

The importance of choosing the right specialist for denture services is paramount, as they will help determine the ideal course of treatment and ensure optimum functionality and aesthetics. Denture specialists typically have extensive education and experience in the field of dental prosthetics. When looking for a denture specialist, considering their qualifications, practical experience, and patient testimonials is crucial to ensuring a successful outcome.

Denture Clinics

Denture clinics are facilities that focus solely on providing comprehensive denture services, from initial consultations to fittings, adjustments, and repairs. Many denture clinics feature on-site dental laboratories and a team of professionals—including dentists, dental technicians, and dental hygienists—working together to provide the best possible care for patients.

Prosthodontists in Los Angeles

For patients considering implant-supported dentures, a prosthodontist is the preferred provider. Prosthodontists have extensive expertise in denture placement, care, aesthetics, and dental implants, making them well-suited to oversee the entire implant-supported denture process. When seeking a prosthodontist in Los Angeles, it's essential to consider their experience, education, and patient reviews to ensure the best possible care.

Denture Adjustment and Repair

Dentures, like natural teeth, can sometimes experience wear and damage over time. Proper and timely care is essential for maintaining dentures’ longevity, ensuring comfort, and preventing additional dental issues. Some common denture issues include:
  • Loose or ill-fitting dentures 
  • Broken or cracked prosthetics 
  • Missing or damaged teeth on dentures Receiving timely denture repair and adjustments are essential for dentures’ overall health and comfort. 
It’s crucial to seek professional help immediately if any issues arise, as even slight damage can impact the function and fit of dentures. Attempting to make repairs or adjustments at home is generally not advised, as this can lead to improper alignment and potentially further damage.

Care and Maintenance of Dentures

Taking proper care of dentures is essential for maintaining their appearance and functionality, and they should be treated with the same attention as natural teeth. Some recommended daily cleaning practices for dentures include: 
  • Rinsing dentures after every meal to remove food particles 
  • Cleaning dentures daily with a soft brush and specialized non-abrasive denture cleanser
  • Soaking dentures overnight in a denture cleaning solution or water to help maintain the denture’s shape and prevent drying out
For those who prefer professional denture-cleaning services, many dental clinics and denture care centers in Los Angeles offer specialized cleaning that removes stains and bacteria. In addition to cleaning, denture wearers must avoid certain habits to prolong the life of their dentures. Actions like clenching or grinding teeth, dropping dentures, using abrasive cleaning products, and exposing dentures to extreme temperatures can all lead to damage or deformation over time.

Affordable Denture Financing Options

The cost of dentures can be a significant concern for many patients. Fortunately, Los Angeles makes affordable denture financing options readily available. These can range from dental insurance coverage to flexible payment plans through dental clinics and third-party financing companies. 
To find the most affordable denture services, it’s essential to compare the cost of services across multiple providers and inquire about any offers or discounts that may be available.

Custom Dentures vs. Off-the-Shelf Dentures

While off-the-shelf dentures may be tempting due to their low, upfront cost, custom dentures bring a range of advantages that make them well worth the investment. Custom dentures are tailored to the patient’s unique mouth shape, ensuring a more comfortable and natural fit. This customization can, in turn, lead to enhanced functionality and an overall better experience. 
Factors affecting the cost of custom dentures include the materials used, the complexity of the dentures, and the need for any additional procedures. Investing in high-quality dentures can lead to a better living experience for those with missing teeth, ensuring a functional, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing solution. Los Angeles boasts a wealth of denture experts and providers, making it easier than ever for individuals to find the right solution for their dental needs and enjoy a comfortable and attractive smile. 
By considering the various options for denture services and consulting with professionals specializing in dental prosthetics, patients in Los Angeles can make the best choice for their dental health and quality of life.

Tips for New Denture Wearers

Adjusting to new dentures can be challenging, but most individuals can adapt to wearing them comfortably with time and patience. Here are some tips for new denture wearers to ease the transition period:

Start with Soft Foods

During the initial adjustment period, starting with soft, easy-to-chew foods is essential. Gradually incorporating harder and more challenging foods into the diet as you become more comfortable with the dentures is a great way to build confidence in eating.

Practice Speaking

Some denture wearers may experience difficulty in speaking clearly when they first receive their dentures. Practicing reading aloud and repeating challenging words can help improve speech and reduce any potential lisping issues.

Use Denture Adhesives

Denture adhesives can provide a valuable source of added support and security, particularly in the early days of wearing dentures. These adhesive products help ensure dentures remain in place during activities like speaking, eating, and laughing.

Give Yourself Time to Adjust

It’s essential to remember that adjusting to new dentures takes time. It might be frustrating initially, but with patience and consistent practice, denture wearers can become comfortable and confident in their new prosthetics.
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Addressing Common Denture Problems

In the process of adjusting to new dentures, it’s not uncommon to encounter a few issues. Here are some common denture problems and how to address them:

Discomfort and Sore Spots

Mild discomfort is expected in the initial period of wearing new dentures. However, consulting with a dental professional is critical if sore spots develop on the gums or other areas of the mouth. They may need to adjust the denture's fit to minimize any pain or discomfort.

Difficulty Eating

Adjusting to eating with dentures may take some time and practice. Starting with soft foods and cutting food into smaller pieces can help ease this transition. Additionally, using both sides of the mouth to chew can help distribute the pressure evenly, ensuring a more secure and comfortable fit.

Slipping or Clicking Dentures

If dentures slip or click during activities like speaking or laughing, learning how to manage and control the facial muscles can help minimize this issue. However, if the problem persists or severely impacts daily life, consulting with a dental professional for advice or potential adjustments is essential.

When to Replace Dentures

Dentures are not meant to last a lifetime. Over time, wear and tear, gum, and jawbone structure changes, and dental technology and materials improvements may necessitate denture replacement. Some signs that it might be time to consider replacing dentures include: 
  • Constant discomfort or pain 
  • Ill-fitting or loose dentures 
  • Frequent denture repairs or replacements 
  • Excessive damage, wear, or staining 
It’s essential to consult with a dental professional to determine if denture replacement is necessary or if alternative solutions could resolve any issues.

Dentures vs. Dental Bridges

Dentures and dental bridges are standard solutions for replacing missing teeth. However, they each have unique advantages and disadvantages that make them more suitable for different situations: 
  • Dentures: A good choice for replacing multiple missing teeth or a whole arch of teeth. They are removable and typically more affordable than dental bridges. Dentures might require maintenance and regular adjustments for an optimal fit. 
  • Dental Bridges: A better choice for people who need to replace one or a couple of adjacent missing teeth. They are a fixed solution and typically provide better stability and chewing efficiency than dentures. However, dental bridges tend to be more expensive and require healthy neighboring teeth to support the bridge. 
Consulting with a dental professional can help individuals decide whether dentures or dental bridges are the best choices for their dental needs. 

The Takeaway

In summary, those in Los Angeles have access to various denture options and resources, making it easier than ever for individuals to have a comfortable, functional, and aesthetically pleasing solution to missing teeth. By considering each component of denture ownership and selecting the best denture service providers in the area, patients can enjoy a renewed sense of confidence and improved quality of life.